History of Ownership

Prior to 1066 the manor was part of the lands granted by King Edward to his wife Edith. Alric held several tenancies, including Halsway, Bicknoller, Monksilver and Combe Hawey.

1066       William conquers England. Crowned king on Christmas Day.

1086       Roger de Courcelle. Alric remained tenant.

1166c      Thomas de Haweia (of Combe Hawey).

1275        Thomas II de Haweia.

1284-5   John de Haweia, younger son of Thomas II (died before 1295).

1297c     Joan, John’s daughter married Sir Peter Stradling (died circa 1300).

1303c     John of Penbrigg is recorded as holding a half fee to the Manor.

1310c     Joan married John of Penbrigg, She died circa 1313, at John’s death whole estate passed to her younger son.

1316       Sir Edward Stradling I.

1363       Sir Edward Stradling II.

1394       Sir William Stradling.

1407       Sir Edward Stradling III, married Joan, daughter of Henry Beaufort, Chancellor of England.   New manor house built.

1453       Sir Henry Stradling, as a young man captured by Breton pirates in the Bristol Channel costing his father a substantial ransom.

1476       Sir Thomas Stradling I.

1480       Sir Edward Stradling IV.

1535       Sir Thomas Stradling II.

1571        Sir Edward Stradling V.

1609       Sir John Stradling, a cousin, after 300 years of father to son descent.

1637       James Cade of Devon, bought estate from Elizabeth Stradling.

1640       James Cade II.

1655       James Cade III.

1702       James Cade IV, sold part of the manor to Richard Hembrow.

1741       Charles Cade, Stogumber churchwarden. Manor heavily mortgaged.

Nathaniel Cade, younger brother. Manor sold to William Snow.

Sold to Mary Stoate of Porlock, tenant James Crang farmed for him by Henry Poole Richard Evered, William Thorne On her death Manor left in trust to James Crang

James Crang II

1847       James Crang III. Thornes moved to Woolston.

1873       Charles Rowcliffe and others bought manor from James Crang.

William Rowcliffe, brother, outright owner. Restoration begins.

Charles Booth tenant in 1908.

1912       William Rowcliffe II.

1924       William Nelson Mitchell (died 1937).

1938       Lt.Col John Mardon bought manor from Mrs Tryphena Mitchell.

1959       Ashdale Land and Property Company.

1960       Harold Johns.

1962       Francis Gair Wilkinson.

1965       Halsway Manor Society bought the manor house.

1982       Halsway Manor Society bought the Mews.