Halsway 200 Club

About the Club

The Friends of Halsway Manor 200 Club was established in 1989 to help support the activities of the Halsway Manor Society which is a registered charity.

Each annual subscription to the 200 Club of £12 results in £6 going to HMS for the upkeep of the manor, whilst giving subscribers the opportunity to win one of the four cash prizes (of up to £100, £50, £25 & £25 – depending on membership level) in the bi-monthly draws.

The founders of the 200 Club were members of Guildford Folk Dancers Club; time and attrition took its toll, such that the remaining committee decided in 2013 to pass the baton on. At this point the 200 Club had given out over 600 prizes and donated some £27,000 to the Halsway Manor Society.

A new committee was formed and the ‘new’ 200 Club opened its bank account in September 2014. Membership is now over the 200 mark, and new subscriptions are always welcome.

Please download the membership form here 200Club

Keep an eye on this page and on Facebook for news of prize draws.

If you need to contact the Club Committee: Monty Crook, Treasurer – 01308 423 442 / [email protected]

Latest Draw

The draw for the March/April prizes in the Friends of Halsway Manor 200 Club took place on 8th May 2023. The numbers were again drawn using www.calculator.net/random-number-generator.

Numbers up to 225 were eligible for inclusion with the exception of 8 ‘vacant’ memberships (108, 148, 152, 178, 180, 181, 204, 221). 217 current members were thus eligible to participate, so the top prize was £108.50 (= 217/200 x £100).

Four numbers were drawn, all being eligible numbers. Congratulations to our winners!

169 Jane Harrison Warrington £108.50 1st
187 Ian Kerr Bristol £54.25 2nd
008 Monty Crook Bridport £27.13 3rd
122 Linda Boulby East Halton £27.13 3rd

Two winners have donated their prize to the Manor.

The next draw, for May/June, will take place in July 2023.

The Club’s and members’ prize donations to the Manor have now totalled £11,944 since September 2014, and £10,016 been allocated in prizes in that period.

The club is still able to accept membership applications and anyone wishing to support Halsway Manor in this way may get an application form from the Bridport Ceilidhs website; from Halsway Manor (and its website); from Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Friends-of-Halsway-Manor-200-Club-637198939692632/) or by application to the treasurer.