Halsway 200 Club

About the Club

The Friends of Halsway Manor 200 Club was established in 1989 to help support the activities of the Halsway Manor Society which is a registered charity. The Society needs income to maintain and improve the facilities of the lovely manor, dating from the 14th century, with its adjacent mews accommodation and large surrounding gardens set in beautiful English countryside.

Each annual subscription to the 200 Club of £12 results in £6 going to HMS for the upkeep of the manor, whilst giving subscribers the opportunity to win one of the four cash prizes (of up to £100, £50, £25 & £25 – depending on membership level) in the bi-monthly draws.

The founders of the 200 Club were members of Guildford Folk Dancers Club; time and attrition took its toll, such that the remaining committee decided in 2013 to pass the baton on;  however,  no volunteers came forward after announcements to this effect, for example in Set & Turn Single, and the decision was taken to close the club. By that time, the 200 Club had given out over 600 prizes and donated some £27,000 to the Halsway Manor Society.

It was only when closure letters were delivered that certain individuals in the South-West woke up and started efforts to keep it going – not least because two of us have spent many happy breaks dancing at Halsway and got married there in 2010.

A new committee was formed and the paper-work and red-tape  finally completed to allow take over of the running of the 200 Club and its bank account in September 2014.

Membership is now being re-built, with new subscriptions* being invited; to date, nine prize draws have been run since the club’s re-inception, with further donations totalling  £1950 having been made to HMSL.

We are delighted to have the 200 Club once more up and running, at a time when the Halsway Manor Society is set to embark on exciting, new  – and expensive – developments.

Please download the membership form here 200Club

Keep an eye on this page and on Facebook for news of prize draws.

Latest Draw

The draw for the March/April prizes in the Friends of Halsway Manor 200 Club took place on 27th April 2019 at “Miss Mayne’s Party”, the annual dance of Bridport Folk Dance Club, during an evening of fun dancing to Weston Country Dance Band with Dick Williams calling. Tickets were drawn by Dick.

All 223 members were eligible to participate in the FoHM200C draw, so the top prize was £111.50 (= 223/200 x £100).

The Winners are:

1st Prize (£111.50): Doug May (#124)
2nd Prize (£55.75): Sheila Warr (#42)
=3rd Prize (£27.88):  Ray & Chris Fish (#50)
=3rd Prize (£27.88):  Romy Randall (#183)

The next draw, for May/June, will take place in early July

The Club has now donated a total of £5,793 to the Manor since September 2014, and has given out £4,845 in prizes in that period.