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Coronavirus has hit us hard

COVID-19 has been a huge blow to Halsway, as it has been to so many arts organisations, businesses, charities and artists. As we begin to open our doors once more, we’re relying on our wonderful, loyal customers to help us keep the business going, and we hope you can return here soon to do something you love!

However, the expense of our 6-month enforced closure has been enormous, and we anticipate it being many months before we are once again running at full capacity. Your support will help us through the coming months, and ensure the future of this one-of-a-kind organisation.

To donate

Please visit our Total Giving fundraising page, or you can send us a cheque or make a bank transfer.

We desperately need your help to raise these funds to ensure we can continue to promote folk arts in England and preserve our valuable cultural heritage for future generations.

Please give what you can, it all helps.

Thank you from all the team at Halsway!!!