Friends of Halsway 200 Club Update

The draw for the Jan/Feb prizes in the Friends of Halsway Manor 200 Club took place on 2nd March 2019 at Bridport Ceilidhs, during an evening of fun dancing to Oxford Nags with Jane Thomas calling. Tickets were drawn by Jane.

All 224 members were eligible to participate in the FoHM200C draw, so the top prize was £112.00 (= 224/200 x £100).

The winners were:

Ist: £112. Michael Cheesman (#115)
2nd: £56. Corina Tabor (#26)
3rd: £28. John Smith (#21)
3rd: £28. Nick St George (#161)

The next draw, for March/April, will take place in early May.

The Club has now donated a total of £5,793 to the Manor since September 2014, and has given out £4,622 in prizes in that period.

The club is still accepting membership applications and anyone wishing to support Halsway Manor may get an application form from the Bridport Ceilidhs website; from Halsway Manor (and its website); or by application to the treasurer.

Monty Crook
Treasurer, on 01308 423 442 and at [email protected]