Friends of Halsway 200 Club Sept/Oct Draw Results

The draw for the September/October prizes in the Friends of Halsway Manor 200 Club took place on 4th November 2017 at the Bridport Ceilidhs dance featuring the excellent multiple-instrument playing of Chris Jewell and calling by Jeremy Child – who shared the task of drawing the tickets.

205 out of 210 members were eligible to participate, so the top prize was £102.50 (= 205/200 x £100).

1st Prize: £102.50 – Vicki Ayers (Smethwick)

2nd Prize: £51.25 – Chris & Ray Fish (Derby)

3rd Prizes: 25.63 – Therese McHugh (Hartley Wintney) & Norman Haynes (Witney)

The next draw, for November/December, will take place at the January 6th Bridport Ceilidhs event, at which Oxford Nags will provide the music with Gill Spence calling.

The Club has now donated a total of £4376 to the Manor since September 2014, and has given out £2904 in prizes in that period.

We now have 208 members, exceeding our initial target, but we are not in fact limited to 200, rather by a (legislation dictated) total subscription income which is far in excess of our aspirations.

Membership applications are still being accepted; any Halsway Manor supporter wishing to join can find more information about the club and download an application form here.