Artists in Residence 2018

Introducing our 2018 Artist in Residence: Sam Kelly & the Lost Boys

“Sam Kelly … I just love. What a beautiful singer. He has that really rare male voice, that soft-edged tone, you know those beautiful tenor voices of the 30’s and 40’s…it really draws you in. Sam’s absolutely great, he’s going to go places.”  Kate Rusby

Having already recorded and produced over 10 acclaimed records, had multiple live sessions and airplay on BBC Radio 2 and 3, and his music regularly featured on Sky Arts and Sky Sports, it’s hard to believe that 24-year-old Cornwall-based folk singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Sam Kelly has only been performing live for 4 years.

We’re proud to be supporting Sam and his 7-piece band Sam Kelly and the Lost Boys throughout 2018. The band brings together the extraordinary combined talents of Sam Kelly (guitar, voice), Ciaran Algar (fiddle, banjo), Toby Shaer (whistles, flute, uilleann pipes, cittern, fiddle), Archie Moss (melodeon), Jamie Francis (banjo, guitar), Graham Coe (cello), Evan Carson (drums, bodhran, percussion). Having recorded their first album in 2017 and appeared at Festivals in the Summer, the band are looking forward to rehearsing and developing new material at Halsway, whilst also finding opportunities to educate and inspire the next generation of young folk musicians!