Music Lessons this Autumn

Monthly non-residential lessons in melodeon and piano accordion start again in September and are booking now. So its time to dust off your squeeze box and be once again inspired.

Workshops for Accordions – Paul Hutchinson’s Accordion Course

Paul Hutchinson is joining us to guide beginners through to advanced players in piano accordion style, skills, and repertoire.  These once-a-month workshops are for beginners, though to intermediate/advanced level players, in small groups with ‘home-work’ to aid your progression between classes. Classes will be taught using music so the ability to read ‘the dots’ is an advantage, especially if joining one of the more advanced classes. Each lessons is one and a half hours and there are three ability classes, level 1, level 2 and levels 3-4.

Paul is a regular tutor and musician at Halsway Manor, and also teaches at Marlborough College, Benslow Music Centre, Folkworks Summer Schools, and at Cecil Sharp House. he is one half of Belshazzar’s Feast, with trio Hoover the Dog, Pagoda Project (with Karen Wimhurst), and PLF.

Details of the levels, and how to book are here:

Mon 6 SeptMon 4 OctMon 1 Nov | Mon 13 Dec

Workshops for Melodeons – Archie’s Box Course

This year Archie Churchill Moss is joining us to help melodeon players find their way in Archie’s Box course. A series of two and a half hour sessions with getting started sessions in the morning and getting better sessions in the afternoon and you are welcome to attend one or both sessions.  The morning is aimed at  levels 0-1 and afternoons at 2 plus. Whatever your existing level you’ll be supported and stretched as you build skills, technique and repertoire.

Archie is widely regarded as one of the best players of English traditional folk, a seasoned session musician for some of the UK’s top folk acts. With a contemporary approach to composition and arrangement Archie has developed a style of playing that draws as much influence from the tradition as it does modern popular music. His work in the trio, ‘Moore, Moss, Rutter’ saw him receive the coveted BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award in 2011. He currently performs with: ‘Tom Moore & Archie Moss’, ‘Sam Kelly & the Lost Boys’ and ‘False Lights’ and his most recent Album ‘Spectres’ by duo Tom Moore & Archie Moss launched in Oct 2020 through Slow Worm Records and is touring in 2021. This wealth of experience earned his position as senior lecturer in ‘Folk Music’ at Leeds College of Music and teacher on the National Youth Folk Ensemble. We are really pleased to welcome him back to Halsway Manor.

27 Sept |18 Oct | 22 Nov | 13 Dec