Friends of Halsway 200 Club Update

The latest draw for the July/August prizes in the Friends of Halsway Manor 200 Club took place on 7th September 2019 at Bridport Ceilidhs, during the first dance of the season with music from A Pair of Shears and Simon Maplesden calling. Tickets were drawn by the band.

All 219 current members were eligible to participate in the FoHM200C draw, so the top prize was £109.50 (= 219/200 x £100).

1st Prize (£109.50): #173 Robin James
2nd Prize (54.75): #148 Jan Stuart
=3rd Prize (£27.38): #78 Maureen/Graham Knight
=3rd Prize (£27.38): #188 Meryl Austin

The next draw, for September/October, will take place in early November.

The Club has now donated a total of £6,463 to the Manor since September 2014, and has given out £5,286 in prizes in that period.

The club is still accepting membership applications and anyone wishing to support Halsway Manor may get an application form from the Bridport Ceilidhs website; from Halsway Manor (and its website); or by application to the treasurer: Monty Crook, Treasurer, on 01308 423 442 and at [email protected].