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The Medieval Folkie! with Archaedium

Monday 28 Nov 4pm — Friday 2 Dec 10am, 2022

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Full board per person (tuition, activities, all meals & accommodation):

  • £380– single ensuite room
  • £350– sharing an ensuite room
  • £350– single non-ensuite room
  • £315 – sharing non-ensuite room

Camping per person (tuition, activities, all meals):

  • £230

Non Resident (tuition, activities, all meals except breakfast):

  • £216

Following a fully-booked course in 2021, Archaedium are back to take you travelling through time…

With Mary Mohan and Jude Rees as your guides, you’ll be learning tunes from the Middle Ages. Discover some of the wonderful syncopated melodies among the hundreds of Cantigas da Santa Maria from Medieval Spain; compelling and often hypnotic dance tunes from across Europe; early English songs and more. We will look at ways of taking these often deceptively simple melodies and turning them into performances. Learning will be done both by ear and with notation, so whichever method works for you is fine.

“The tutors were very helpful throughout and deployed their high levels of teaching skill!”

Who’s It For?

This course is for all instrumentalists who want to dip their toes into the fascinating world of Medieval music. As tutors Mary and Jude between them play a wide number of modern and early instruments (cello, viol, medieval vielles, violin, viola, double bass, oboe, recorders, shawm, hurdy gurdy, crumhorn, curtal, bagpipes, clarinet, sax, flute, percussion) and of course they both sing. Whatever your musical background, you will have a warm welcome on our course.

“I loved the music, and the days were commendably full and inspiring. I was definitely at the lower end of the ability range, but still felt able to contribute and found plenty to enjoy. Thank you.”

The Team

Mary Mohan is a professional cellist and early strings expert, and is the founder of Archaedium, a group who specialise in early music, especially from the 13th to 15th centuries. Her training was in classical cello and conducting, but she always had a love of early music as well as British and European folk. Taking up the viol several years ago reignited that love and she travelled further and further back through the history of western music. In addition to session work, Mary is a member of Halsway “Frequent Fliers”, Piva Renaissance Collective, and with Archaedium is a regular at Medieval Music in the Dales.

Jude Rees is a professional oboist and woodwind specialist with extensive experience in folk and early music. As a freelance multi-instrumentalist and sought-after session musician, Jude has worked with some luminaries of the folk world and has guested on numerous albums and live tours. She currently plays for Halsway regulars, the renaissance consort Piva and with BBC Radio2 Folk Award nominated Pilgrims’ Way. Archaedium gives Jude the opportunity to scratch the itch that other genres can’t reach, by diving into repertoire which is in turns both familiar and strange, beguiling and disarming!