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Harvest at Halsway p

Friday 23 Sep 4pm — Monday 26 Sep 10am, 2022

p Partnership Event

For more information and to book please contact Judith Inman:

Judith Inman bids farewell as host to this, a long-running English dance weekend for experienced club dancers. (Rob Dawson and  Jenny Leleux have volunteered to take over from next year.)

Judith has invited callers from the original Bucks weekend (Val and Ian McFarlane), present day (Diana Triplow), and Rob Dawson from the New Team! The guest caller is Ivan Aitken, who enjoys researching new dances but loves the old favourites! Music comes from Dampiers Round (Moira and Peter Gutteridge). They are regulars at Halsway and playing for dances and workshops around the country. Brian Heaton will also call-in to lead some longsword dancing!

(Flyers will be sent out by the beginning of February)

Who’s it For?

The weekend is aimed at experienced dancers who enjoy traditional English style dancing, to improve on technique and working together.

The Team

Judith Inman hosts, with house party callers (Val and Ian McFarlane, Diana Triplow, Rob Dawson, Judith Inman), guest caller Ivan Aitken plus band Dampiers Round (Moira and Peter Gutteridge), and Brian Heaton.