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British Violin Makers Association (Bow Repair) p

Monday 14 Oct 5pm — Saturday 19 Oct 3pm, 2024

p Partnership Event

For more details visit: www.bvma.org.uk/

The British Violin & Bow Makers’ Association, formed in 1995, is one of the foremost violin making associations in the world, with about 400 members based both in the UK and abroad. Membership is open to professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts from anywhere in the world. We are delighted to host their visit providing space for their training events, conferences, and workshop opportunities to meet up and to develop skills.

BVMA return for two visits in winter 2023/2024

Varnishing – This course in December is aimed at those who already have good violin making skills and would like to be able learn or improve upon their varnishing skills. A very successful method of varnishing and also antiquing will be taught by Antoine Nédléc, Executive Director of the Chicago School of Violin Making, and Jeff Phillips, Associate Director of the same school. Uncounted competition winners, including of course both of them, have used the varnish method they teach and they have taught it at Oberlin for years too.

Bow repair and re-hairing – Jutta Walcher will be joining Tim Baker for this January course at Halsway Manor. This course is aimed at those who already have good hand skills and would like to be able to do more work on bows. With many bow rehairers now retiring, there is a serious shortage of people able to work on bows, creating a great opportunity.


Who’s it For?

Members of BVMA.

The Team

The event is organized by the British Violin & Bow Makers Association. For more details visit: www.bvma.org.uk/