New – Stories of the Hills Project and Events

We’ve created a Quantocks Folk Map and series of events to celebrate the intangible heritage of the Quantock Hills. From folklore and music, to traditional crafts and lesser known local stories and people we’ve collected some of the stories relating to this area to ensure their preservation for future generations.

This project Stories of the Hills is part of the National Lottery Heritage Fund funded Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme, of which Halsway Manor is a partner organisation. This project is Halsway’s contribution.

During the Summer of 2022 we are hosting a series of free events to celebrate this project – these events are labelled in our diary as Stories of the Hills events.

You can also pick up a copy of our free ‘Stories of the Hills’ Quantock Folk Map from Halsway Manor and local outlets around the Quantocks,

Click here to view the online Quantock Folk Map, read some of the stories we have discovered, and download the schools resource.