Triscombe Revel

In Triscombe itself there are a number of folk traditions associated with the hamlet. One is Triscombe Revel, a large celebration traditionally held on the last Sunday of August. It was associated with harvest time and peak whortleberry season. A local band would play and folk songs would be sung and traditional country dances danced. Songs known to have been sung include The Old Grey Mare and Farewell, Farewell, My Own Dear Love. Between dances it was traditional to eat whortleberry tart with cream, and in the folktale of the Gurt Worm the woman’s worry about not being able to gather her whortleberries to make tarts in time to sell, would quite likely have been for the Triscombe Revel.

Triscombe was also very active in traditions surrounding Shrove Tuesday and Easter. These included egg rolling competitions down the hill. As the hills round Triscombe are extraordinarily steep we can imagine that they rolled at quite a pace!

Triscombe Blue Bowl Pony