Halsway restoration and future


 In April 2017 we received a grant of £80,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop a project to restore parts of the property and grounds. With this funding we were able to appoint a heritage buildings architect and other building professionals to develop a project which will enable us to carry out extensive restoration in 2018. In November 2017 a second round application was submitted to HLF for a further £387,000 to carry out the works. We have also secured a grant from Country Houses Foundation of £58,000 to partner the HLF grant when the decision is made in March 2018. To date we have raised over £80,000 from donations from our kind customers and supporters as the required partnership funding.

The HLF and Country Houses Foundation project will:

  • Repair and conserve the manor’s historic fabric, repair the roof, windows and doors, upgrade dated electrical and water systems.
  • Redecorate rooms and facilities.
  • Conserve the library collection and make it accessible to more people.
  • Install new environmentally sustainable solar thermal system which will save significant future running costs and be much more efficient.

We desperately need your help to raise these funds to ensure we can continue to promote folk arts in England and preserve our valuable cultural heritage for future generations. To donate please click here.