Halsway renovation and future

We have embarked on an innovative and ambitious journey to secure the future of The National Centre for Folk Arts and make it one of the finest centres supporting heritage, art and artists in the UK.


Firstly we need to raise £250,000 in 2017 to enable us to access another £500,000 from two other funding bodies. This will allow us to renovate Halsway Manor and ensure it remains available for use by all into the future. After fifty years of heavy use there is essential work needed to preserve the buildings and library collection.

The money will enable us to:

  • Repair and conserve the manor’s historic fabric, repair the roof, windows and doors, upgrade dated electrical and water systems.
  • Redecorate rooms and facilities.
  • Conserve the library collection and make it accessible to more people.
  • Install new environmentally sustainable biomass heating system which will save significant future running costs and be much more efficient.
  • Upgrade our dated waste water systems and bring them up to the required standard.

We desperately need your help to raise these funds to ensure we can continue to promote folk arts in England and preserve our valuable cultural heritage for future generations. To donate please click here.

Learning Centre for Folk Arts
In the future we would like to extend our facilities to include a new learning centre in the wood behind the manor. It will provide new spaces for our courses, arts and crafts activities. This exciting space is for use by our visitors, schools, young people, families and community groups to do a wide range of folk activities in a fit for purpose environment. It will feature a much larger space for dance, movement and other activities than our existing long room as well as fit for purpose workshop space. It will be adjacent to new camping facilities and offer 24 hour access to facilities.

It provides a centre to spark people’s imagination, to explore the hills and learn about the UK’s diverse folk heritage. It will be a home to keep alive the disappearing traditional arts and crafts of the UK and provide training and pathways into this interesting and varied industry. Our Learning Centre will be developed working with our partners from Quantock Hills – Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The new building will enable us to greatly increase our work with communities, young people and to support artists in order that we contribute to the vibrant cultural offer in the UK. These new facilities will also allow Halsway Manor to continue offering our quality courses, events and projects which will in turn ensure a sustainable, non-subsidised future for the organisation.

We do not have the funds for this yet so if you would like to talk to us about how you could get involved please contact us.