Past Project: BBC Performing Arts Fellowship

The BBC Performing Arts Fund fellowship scheme ended in 2016. Before it did it offered bespoke placements within existing organisations to support individuals through the early stages of their performing arts careers. Halsway Manor joined Birmingham Royal Ballet, Dancebase in Edinburgh, Manchester’s Z-Arts, Prime Cut in Belfast and London’s Old Vic as one of the 32 selected arts organisations that hosted a BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellow, offering professional support, training and development opportunities in addition to the PAF grant of £10,000. Dancer / choreographer Hannah Moore was supported throughout 2015 in a fellowship placement at Halsway Manor. During this time she has enjoyed access to and training in traditional folk arts, benefited from space to create, develop and perform work, with mentorship from key traditional and folk dance professionals. She also worked with a number of dancers in intensive research and development periods.

Silent Dance was a performance piece developed by Hannah. It is inspired by Sherryl Jordan’s novel The Raging Quiet and the show weaves together folk dance and music with circus and contemporary dance to tell this beautiful medieval story.

“It is a narrative I have longed to offer an audience for many years. The Raging Quiet explores the human condition through the lives of two young people who face persecution and find love. The book spoke to me because I felt it succeeded in capturing in novel form the richness and depth of our traditional tales. I wish in turn to share this story with you in the way that I know best – through dance and theatre, through physical expression.”
Hannah Moore


Clare Parker, Youth Development Associate at Halsway Manor, says:

“In Hannah we have found the perfect match for this Fellowship. She grew up steeped in folk traditions and went on to train and work in a range of contemporary movement and theatre styles, including circus. Her artistic aims are to create a new fusion of styles, and to blend folk with contemporary forms drawing on folk tales to create new narrative works for diverse audiences.

“Halsway Manor is interested in engaging new and diverse groups – be they participants, artists or audiences – in our rich folk arts traditions. The Fellowship is a unique and exciting opportunity for both our Fellow and for our organisation to explore the rich potential of this fusion of dance forms in storytelling.”