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English and Scottish Dance – Day Workshops and Evening Dances

Monday 7 Mar 7:45pm — Thursday 10 Mar 10:30pm, 2022


To Book please click on the day you'd like to come and you'll have the option to choose which part of the day you'd like to come to.

Monday - Evening mixed dance only £10
Tuesday -  Morning only £35. Full day £65. Evening English Dance only £10
Wednesday - Morning only £35. Full day £65. Evening Scottish Dance only £10
Thursday - Morning only £35. Full day £65. Evening Mixed Dance only £10

Join the participants on Scottish and English country dance week for a morning, day or evening of country dance.

With a friendly and experienced team of Frances Richardson, and musicians Ali Messer & Mollie Koenigsberger. You can join us after breakfast for a morning dance workshop of English and Scottish dances with live music. The morning workshops will be educational and fun, stretching skills for English and Scottish dancers. 9.45am – 1pm with lunch.

Book for the full day, to include lunch & dinner, workshops and evening dancing.

And / Or join us for an evening dance with live music 7.45pm – 10.30pm
English Ball on Tuesday,
Scottish Ball on Wednesday;
Monday and Thursday evenings will be informal mixed dance events of both English and Scottish dances.

You will have the chance to improve your own technique in each style, and if you’ve not tried one of the styles you will find out what joys you have been missing so far.

(If you’d like to come for the whole week please click here).

Who’s it For?

These workshops are open to all levels of experience.

If you have some experience of either English or Scottish dance  it’ll be an opportunity to explore a new dance style, or brush-up on existing dance skills. We will look at similarities and differences in styles and formations plus timing and phrasing. Although some footwork will figure in the sessions we promise it won’t be arduous!

The Team

Frances Richardson: Your teacher for the week is well versed in both dance styles. Frances started dancing in her teens with a University group that specialised in English country dance. She has been calling for over twenty years, with regular bookings at most of the major Festivals, dance weekends and Saturday night events. She came to Scottish dancing a little later, completing her RSCDS* Teaching Certificate ten years ago, since when she splits her dancing and teaching time fairly equally between the two genres.

*RSCDS is the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Ali Messer (accordion) and Mollie Koenigsberger (violin) have teamed up innumerable times to form a band which is perfect for dancing. Mollie’s versatility enables her to switch, seemingly effortlessly, between the demanding phrasing of Scottish fiddle music to the delicate touch required for many English tunes. Ali’s mastery of her accordion gives her equal command of a wide repertoire, and together they keep a steady rhythm with good lift for Scottish, amplified by flights of variations for English melodies.