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Dedanu present Murder at the Manor

Friday 14 Dec 6pm–11pm, 2018

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Course Enquiry

  • Halsway Manor will not share your details with any third parties.

  • £25 to include buffet supper. (Please advise us of any dietary requirements when you book).

B&B available:

  • £35 per person, must be booked in advance

Tel: 01984 618274
Email: [email protected]



Murder at the Manor – Hollywood comes to Halsway!

Murder at the Manor this year takes us to the glamourous world of Hollywood movies.  Terence (Terry) Lloyd (cousin of First National/Warner Brothers director Frank Lloyd – renowned for his historical dramas and swashbuckling adventures) has used his relationship with his famous cousin to raise initial funds for a new “talkie” movie – hoping to be at the forefront of this new exciting era of movie making.  His choice of Halsway Manor in England for location shooting has persuaded well-known actors from the silent screen to join the production with rumours of stars such as William Powell, Florence Lawrence and Florence Lee plus all the entourage necessary for the production of a Hollywood Blockbuster.  Things have not been going well however with accidents, equipment failure, death threats and delays in shooting.  Extra costs of hiring a bodyguard for the stars, replacement equipment and engagement of the famous French detective Harold Parrot to investigate what is going on means that Terry is almost out of funds.  He needs your help to raise funds for the movie and discover:

  • Who is sabotaging the film set?
  • Who wants to make this the last curtain call for the actors?
  • And who wants to see the film “canned” for good?

The evenings action will unfold in the library, bar, hall and long room. You will be invited to watch actual filming of Terry’s new project, meet the director himself and chat with the stars of the film. An informal buffet supper will be served during the evening and of course there will be at least one murder to solve!!!

Approximate timings are as follows:

  • 6pm – for B&B guests only – arrivals and booking in
  • 7pm – meet and greet in the bar
  • 7.30/7.45pm  – lights, camera, action!!
  • Buffet in the Long Room
  • 10.30pm – It’s a Wrap – the culprit(s) are named and shamed

Come in Character!

After booking we will send you/your group a character brief – (please let us know gender and approximate age for all those in your party); this is designed to help you engage in the murder mystery and we ask that you join in the spirit of the event and come in costume appropriate to the 1920/30s.

Costume Suggestions!

Costume does not need to be historically accurate, but rather give a “feel” of the 1920/30s, so just have fun with how you dress for the evening. The internet is a mine of information, but here are some basic ideas:

Ladies: If you have a straight shift dress (if not then any evening dress will be fine) then adding a scarf or band of material just below or on the hips with feathers, beads, bows etc will give a ‘20s look.  A ribbon, scarf or turban with broaches, ribbons, feathers etc would create a great head-dress or alternatively simply add some decoration to the hair

Men: Dinner Jacket, suit, smart jacket, blazer, waistcoat, bow-tie, cravat and/or cummerbund would be fine.  Hair can be slicked back if you wish.

Whether male or female, remember it is “Hollywood Glamour”, so a combination of bling, ostentation and wealthy sophistication id the order of the day.  Hats can always add a WOW factor (as long as you don’t mind “hat hair”) and the addition of accessories such as gloves, scarves, watch chains and jewellery can really make a statement.  The main thing is to have a costume you feel comfortable in and to have fun.

We look forward to seeing you on the 14th December and if you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us.