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J25: Banding Together p

Friday 15 Jul 4pm — Sunday 17 Jul 4pm, 2022

p Partnership Event

For details and booking of this partnership event please contact:

Banding Together summer weekends provide advanced and fluent English concertina players with the opportunity to join with others of similar proficiency to play as a big concertina band. The music is varied and challenging but help with preparation is provided. The result is an electrifying big band sound!

Participants will still be expected to come well prepared and “band ready”, having spent time working on the music. Dots and resource materials are all emailed in advance.

Who’s it For?

Players must be fluent and confident on their instrument and read notation accurately. Preparation is essential. Music, together with audio files and practice guidance, is provided in advance. It is open to any English system concertina player who meets these criteria.

The Team

Banding Together weekends are organised by Junction 25 Concertina Band.

Music for Banding Together is sourced, arranged and led by J25 director Claire Wren.