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BAL: Nathalie Oliver Selsis, Emmanuel Pariselle, Didier Oliver

Thursday 8 Jun 8pm–10pm, 2023

  • £12 - Adults
  • £6 - Concessions

Concessionary priced tickets are available to children and students - of any age - in full-time education.

Nathalie Oliver Selsis leads a bal with music from Emmanuel Pariselle, Didier Oliver and students from our French Music & Dance Week. All welcome, and bring instruments if you play – there will likely be a session afterwards.

Nathalie grew-up immersed in the dances of Gascony and South West France: Rondeaux, Branles, Ronde do Quercy, Congo, Scottiche, Planière Bourrée,  Mazurka and more.

The Team

Emmanuel Pariselle and Didier Oliver have played – and sung – together since 1975, and both are fantastic musicians immersed in the French traditional music scene. Emmanuel is one of France’s finest players of both the melodeon and concertina, while Didier (La Base Duo) is also a superb fiddler and also plays equally well mandolin, boha (Gascon) pipes and guitar. Both are fine singers too.

Nathalie Oliver Selsis: Born into a traditional Gascon speaking family – her grandfather was a traditional singer – Nathalie was introduced to traditional dance at a very young age. Having discovered traditional dances, she went on to research traditional dance and song from collections from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Passionate about sharing, Nathalie teaches the different dances of Gascony with a playful pedagogy that allows everyone to approach the different dances practiced in the dances of the South West of France. Trained in music therapy, Natalie wishes to transmit the benefits of music and dance in her workshops.

Her sharing of dance has taken her to different regions of France but also to different countries including Spain, Italy and Portugal.