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Bal: Blowzabella & Les Poufs à Cordes

Saturday 30 May 8pm–11pm, 2020

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  • £15 - Adults
  • £6 - Under 18s

Limited places for camping will be available (tents only, campervan spaces are reserved for weekend participants).

  • £15 per person, inclusive of a big Halsway breakfast.

We regret that this event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. More info.

We are delighted to announce the return of International folk legends Blowzabella to Halsway, for a second festival weekend.

If you can’t make the full weekend, you can come and enjoy a Saturday night Bal, featuring the mighty Blowzabella and special guests Les Poufs à Cordes (France).

The band prefer to play where people can dance, and we’ll have a big marquee on the Manor lawns for the occasion. Blowzabella play dance music composed and arranged by the band for a variety of English and European traditional dances. The dances are easy to pick up and you don’t have to be an expert to get involved, just have a go. Many people choose not to dance and come along to watch and listen – and that’s fine too. The variety of the arrangements and the mixture of unusual and more usual instruments provides plenty to enjoy whether you’re out there dancing or sitting on the side-lines and listening.

Accommodation in the Manor is full, but we will have limited places for those wishing to camp overnight.

The Artists

Blowzabella is Andy Cutting – diatonic button accordion; Jo Freya – vocals, saxophones, clarinets, whistle; Paul James – vocals, border bagpipes, saxophones, whistle; Gregory Jolivet– hurdy-gurdy; David Shepherd – violin; Barn Stradling – bass guitar; Jon Swayne – border bagpipes, saxophones.

The band make an inimitable, driving, drone-based wall of sound, played with a fabulous sense of melody, rhythmic expertise and sheer feeling. They compose their own music which is influenced by English and European traditional dance music. Many of the tunes they’ve composed are “standards” in the modern British/European folk repertoire and are played by people all over the world. Bands across Europe who experiment with folk music often cite Blowzabella as a major influence.

Les Poufs à Cordes are a fantastic duo joining Blowzabella at Halsway for this festival weekend. Duo ‘Les Poufs à Cordes’ play fabulous music based on the popular violin repertoires of the Massif Central and augmented by a few compositions. With Violin and Cello they deploy an indomitable and irresistible energy based on rich timbres and a fierce pace. On stage, whether playing for a concert or dance, they immerse themselves in this repertoire and use it to open a door to freedom and creativity as expressed by their instruments and by the magical way they play together.