Halsway Incubator Bursary

Halsway Manor – National Centre for Folk Arts awards three creative bursaries per year to artists working in folk arts in the UK. The awards provide artists with space, residential opportunities and a small grant to use to enhance their creative process and explore new ideas in a creative, inspiring and comfortable setting. The bursaries are distributed annually and applicants can be individuals, bands or collectives.

Each award will be utilised in a different way and will include tailored support based on individual needs and include:
A bursary of £1000
Use of Halsway’s extensive folk library
Up to seven days full board residence with use of creation spaces and facilities

Halsway Manor invests profits made from its successful education and events programme into a number of artist development initiatives and its creative learning programme with young people and communities.

The scheme will be open from 4th November 2019.

Comments from recent attendees to our professional retreats:

‘It felt very special, almost once in a lifetime.’
‘The time and space given to us to spend with fellow like-minded musicians was incredibly valuable professionally.’
‘These creative partnerships and collaborations are really important as a developing artist so having the opportunity to make them at Halsway was brilliant.’
‘Gained specific knowledge of how and what to apply for funding for and gave me insights into possible future projects I might choose to pursue.’
‘We were able to share thoughts and ideas about our careers with greater honesty than is normally possible owing to the usual need to talk up how things are going, especially in the age of social media.’