Album of the Month

Kitty Macfarlane – Namer of Clouds

Her remarkably accomplished debut album, Namer Of Clouds, beguiles with its poetry and tenderness, and her eye for detail, vivid imagination and bright vocals make it a captivating listen. She is a talent to watch”​

      – The Guardian (full article here)

Kitty Macfarlane is a songwriter and guitarist from Somerset, whose music is rich with visual imagery and written with an eco-eye. From the starling murmurations on the Somerset Levels to the lowly eel’s epic transatlantic migration, and the small part we ourselves play in a much bigger picture, her songs are bound by the underlying theme of mankind’s relationship with the wild. Kitty Macfarlane’s highly anticipated debut album Namer Of Clouds, released September 2018 and produced by Sam Kelly and Jacob J Stoney, gathers inspiration from the sky to the seabed. Carried by a voice ‘as clear as a mountain stream’ (FRUK), her lyrics touch on intervention and rewilding, climate change and migration, and woman’s historical relationship with textiles and the land. The album is augmented by all kinds of ‘found sound’ recorded in locations from Somerset to Sardinia – birdsong, waterfalls, the click of knitting needles – and bookended by sounds of the wild. 

Kitty is performning at Halsway Manor Sunday 4th Nov 7:30pm-9:30pm 2018

Songs of Witchcraft and Magic

Songs & Ballads compiled by the Museum of Witchcraft

This collection of songs reflects the significant part that magic has played in our culture. They connect with myths and folktales that take us back to the distant past; but they also represent a living and evolving tradition. The magic of these songs still exerts power over us today. They are a striking demonstration of the breadth and variety of magic – from the brutal revenge of The Brown Girl through the bizarre transformations of The Two Magicians, to the haunting mysticism of The Bells of Paradise. The world of these songs is not just of humans but of animals – seals, serpents, hares, horses and even mackerel. A world of anger, cruelty, love, fear and courage. A world of brilliant colours – scarlet, green, purple. Of silver wands, velvet mantles and tinkling bells. A world of moonlight, blood and the roaring of the sea.