Increasing energy costs

As you will know the energy crisis is hitting everyone very hard. Other centres similar to Halsway have already started closing down because they cannot keep up with the vast rise in energy and services. Halsway’s energy bills have trebled and now it is costing us almost £70,000 per year. Also food, staffing and all our services have significantly increased in cost.

This of course has serious repercussions on our budgets and indeed the future of Halsway Manor. To meet this new cost we are making a temporary charge of £5 per person for weekend courses and £10 per person for week courses to cover only some of our increased energy costs, this will be applied to all bookings from September 2022. We have tried to keep our prices reasonable but our costs are spiralling beyond our control, this increase does not cover our increased expenditure. We are planning well below inflation rises in our course fees but there is going to come a time this may have to change.

I hope you understand this measure as we want Halsway to be here long into the future.

Thank you for your continued support.